The Causes of ESN are fields around which the whole network works. They are a translation of our mission, vision, and values into the activities that sections organise every day, providing more opportunities for projects and collaboration in the network. They are complemented by our General Policies which, in turn, are the policy translation of our Mission, Vision, and Values.




Culture is the knowledge and characteristics of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, and arts. Culture is also a set of shared patterns of behaviours and interactions, cognitive constructs and understanding that are learned by socialisation. 

Education & Youth


ESN operates in the field of Education and Youth by supporting informal education, promoting mobility and promoting active citizenship. In our activities, we care about giving the voice of young people to the bodies responsible for setting youth policy both in the country and in Europe. We are a spokesperson for young people on the European arena.

Environmental Sustainability


Sustainable development of the Earth is a development that meets the basic needs of all people and preserves, protects and restores the health and integrity of the Earth's ecosystem, without threatening the possibility of satisfying the needs of future generations and without exceeding the long-term limits of the capacity of the Earth's ecosystem.

Health and Well-being

We might be tempted to give a simplistic definition of “health” as a state of sound body and mind, and of “well-being” as how individuals feel about themselves, feeling healthy, happy and well-off; but when we combine the concepts, the discussion becomes more complex: that’s why through the years, the definition of “Health and Well-being” has changed a lot. Where in the past a mostly negative definition of Health and well-being was used that describes the concept merely as the absence of physical illness, disease and mental distress, now society uses a more positive definition in which the concept Health and Well-being can be defined as the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness and mental wellness. 




Skills & Employability

This concept covers all the features and skills that are key in finding and maintaining a job. It is also awareness and the ability to set clear, realistic goals in a professional career, and all to be satisfied with your profession.

How is it that volunteers from our organisation work, study and devote all their free time to ESN? Each of us develops in the organization both individually and in groups. We shape resource management skills, primarily the ability to effectively manage ourselves over time. We work in a dynamic, young team with a diverse cultural and social background. Sounds like a job offer? That is how I would describe ESN!



Social Inclusion

What is inclusiveness?

Inclusive means "joining" or "including some whole"; including "intended for everyone". This is definitely the keyword of ESN's new social inclusion activities.


What is the purpose of Social Inclusion?

ESN strives for mobility based on equality and the needs of each person. To achieve this goal, ESN has developed its own programs and projects on this subject, raising the awareness of international students and transforming them into more active citizens.