Do you sometimes see the world around you through the lens of the camera? Do you see everything in the frames, and the most beautiful moments are those that you can freeze in the picture? Take part in the Discover Europe competition and show everyone the reality seen through your eyes!


What is Discover Europe?

Discover Europe is the largest pan-European photography competition organized by the Erasmus Student Network. This is a competition dedicated to young people - enthusiasts and amateurs, open and brave people in their imaginations of the world. Students from all over Europe have a chance to share their own vision of the Old Continent, because it is the leitmotif of each edition. It is important to show the uniqueness and diversity of what surrounds each of us. To show the modern face of Europe not to divide, but to establish intercultural dialogue and open new gates to aspiring photographers from all over the continent.


The competition is divided into three categories. 

These are:

Citizen of Europe, whose main topic is we - the inhabitants of Europe.

Discover Nature, i.e. capturing the beautiful nature of the European continent.

Discover Architecture is keeping the unique places in the frame that Europe conceals.


The main idea and mission of the competition is to present the problems and own vision of Europe and the place where it comes from. All this in order to be able to create a community built from completely separate communities.


Final Gala of the 15th edition of Discover Europe

In 2018, the 15th edition of this largest pan-European competition took place. It began on March 1 and ended on May 12 during a unique gala at Zebra Tower. It was then that everyone got to know the results, and above all his talented winners, who were presented with prizes. During this edition, many partners honored the finals and presented winners. The awarded participants received vouchers for photobooks made by CEWE PHOTO-BOOK, photographic books funded by Helion, subscription to Digital Camera magazine or a trip organized by Timetravels.

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Winners of 2018: