Erasmus is cooperation program between universities. It is mainly dedicated for universities, their students and staff. Some of its actions are additionally dedicated to other institutions, organizations or companies cooperating with universities.

The aim of Erasmus is to improve the quality of education in the participating countries through the development of international cooperation between universities and supporting the mobility of students and higher education institutions staff.

Since the academic year 2007/08 Erasmus is part of the ‘Whole Life Learning' (The Lifelong Learning Programme), the new EU program in the field of education and vocational training, implemented in 2007-2013.

Countries participating in the Erasmus Programme:

  • 28 countries of the European Union;
  • 3 European Economic Area countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway;
  • Switzerland;

To participate in the Erasmus program universities are obligated to own the Erasmus University Charter awarded by the European Commission. This is a kind of certificate, which allows universities to apply for funding for specific actions included in the program. Higher education institution which wish to take part in Erasmus Program in the coming years are required to submit an application for the Erasmus University Charter to the European Commission. The Charter is conferred for a long-tem period.

Source: National Agency responsible for the Erasmus Programme

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