If you chose Poland as your destination country on Erasmus you have to be intrigued by our culture and history… or you didn’t know anything about it and you want to get to know them better. The reason is not important. Now you are here and you have great opportunity to change your life and get to know our incredible land. Kraków is the best city to start your adventure. So sit comfortably, take something to drink or snack and plan your trip with us. 



Visiting Warsaw should be on a list of every Erasmus and international student and there is plenty of reasons for it! It’s the city of Fryderyk Chopin, Maria Curie- Skłodowska and the youngest old town in Europe which is on the UNESCO list. Besides beautiful and rich history the city is full of modern sites that are attracting thousands of international youth to move and settle down in Warsaw. And who knows.. Maybe you will be one of them in the future? 




Toruń is one of the oldest cities, placed in north-central Poland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unlike Warsaw, Gdańsk or other historical cities, Toruń did not suffer damage during World War II. It is best know for being birthplace of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.



Looking for a city in Poland by the sea? We have the perfect proposition for you! Have you ever heard of a place like Kołobrzeg? In Polish, it literally means that it is near the shore! In addition to sightseeing, you can relax on the beach, eat delicious fish, in the evening go to the karaoke or dance and even go on a cruise! Convinced? Then go with the flow and plan your trip with us!



Now it’s time for Wrocław! You've probably already got acquainted with it if not we want to bring you a little further into town. 
Wrocław is so called “The meeting place”, where in 2016 it was chosen as The Capital City of Culture and has become famous all over Europe. It is a wonderful city that can charm every lover of history and architecture. The historical capital of Silesia and one of the oldest cities in Poland tempt with valuable monuments and modern museums. 



Łódź is a city located almost in the middle of Poland. Although there are many theories about the creation of the name of the city, many Poles simply associate it with a boat because that is how its name literally sounds in Polish. 



Have you ever wondered which place near the Baltic sea is the best to visit? We hope you had because we want to introduce you to Gdańsk and his friends – Gdynia and Sopot. Why is it worth to see them? First of all those are not only “cities by the sea” with beach and nothing more. There is a lot of attraction and beach is just a nice bonus! It’s really hard to be bored there and even if you will see one of the city then you can go to another one and start your adventure once again.



So you’re on your Erasmus in Poland and despite of studying you also want to see a lot of amazing places? ESN UE Wroclaw is here to help! You already saw the other cities from our guide? There’s our next proposition for travellers… 
If you’re amazed by Wroclaw and the rest of the Lower Silesia you will love Silesian Voivodeship. The main city of it is Katowice. 



Poznań  is one of the oldest cities in Poland with a rich history. So if you plan a trip around Poland you can’t miss this city!  Feel special in Poznan and don't miss out on things you can only do here! Here are some of our subjective tips to help you plan your stay.



Nestled in the foothills of the Tatras, Zakopane is Poland’s best-known mountain resort, famed for hiking in summer and skiing in winter. The city has developed into a wonderful place with many touches of the past the strongest of which is the preserved folk culture.  Its roots as grazing and farming land to the many artistic, cultural and sports events which helped shape modern Zakopane into one of Poland’s most valued and popular destinations. 




Karpacz is an unusually beautiful and popular place that attracts more than 2.5 million people every year. It’s located in Karkonosze Mountains, at the foot of Śnieżka top. During winter it’s full of skiers and snowboarders, and while the snow melts, hiking pedestrians go on the trails to enjoy the mountain views. While entering Karpacz, you will see the naturally preserved beauty straightahead. Mountain huts, countless bars with great, family atmosphere, inns and loads of walking tourists are waiting for you!



To entertain your stay in Wrocław we’ve prepared a list of amazing places near Wrocław, which are worth seeing. Some places are provided with information how to get there by public transport alongside with recommended restaurants.   

Places next to Wrocław