ESNcard is a document which not only confirms students’ membership in an exchange programme Erasmus+ but also entitles them to use many discounts in big cities around Poland and Europe. Thanks to it, students can experience more adventures and be more mobile.

ESNcard gives you the opportunity to take advantage of discounts such as travelling by Ryanair, Flixbus or purchasing Logitech products. Moreover, thanks to it you can make your stay in Wroclaw more diverse by taking dance classes in NoLimits Dance Studio or by grabbing a delicious coffee and a dessert in Lulu Cafe.

ESNcard is also intended for students associated with Erasmus+ programme - for members of students’ organization Erasmus Student Network and for their Mentors.


If you are one of these people don’t wait and order your ESNcard now!


How to do it?

  1. visit

  2. click “get your ESNcard” on the top bar,

  3. select the option that matches your status (Erasmus+ student, member of ESN association, Buddy - student helping Erasmus+ students)

  4. fill in the form with your personal data

  5. wait for an e-mail confirming that your personal data were verified

  6. pay for your ESNcard (cost for Erasmus+ students and for their Buddy’s is 40 PLN, for members of ESN association it is 15 PLN)

  7. collect your ESNcard

  8. enjoy your discounts